Why We Launched An Online Marketplace for Wines With An Opera

Mat Zucker
3 min readApr 26, 2022

It starts with the very tragic experience of buying wine online.

Turns out wine drinkers in America are terribly unsatisfied with the current online options to purchase wine. Yeah, the wine clubs too. No one has provided wine drinkers the seamless experience that is both easy and allows them to discover new wines from small vineyards.

There are over 10,000 wineries in the United States but fewer than 2,000 are accessible to the average wine drinker.

Introducing Scoperta! Wines

Scoperta literally means “discovery” in Italian, and our new client has built a modern marketplace for finding wines across the United States. Scoperta! exists not to simply sell wine, but to facilitate the wine discovery process in under five minutes. Despite a crowded market, Scoperta! will win by providing a memorable experience at every step of the journey with both personalized guidance and a simplified process.

Building brand and demand

Our firm Prophet joined a roster of agency partners including OKRP (Brand creative), Bluebolt (Web) and Citrine Minds (Public Relations). Called for our digital marketing expertise, we took on crafting the overall marketing brief and two key assignments:

  1. Creating a buzz-worthy digital activation to spark curiosity and accelerate name recognition
  2. Media campaign management, including planning, buying and SEO for content

An opera takes stage

Our audience was a persona within existing wine drinkers, ages 25–55 united by “wine curiosity” and a heavy consumption of online video. Among the ideas we presented was to build awareness of Scoperta! by literally singing the virtues of Scoperta! We wanted to go big, and what can be bigger than opera?

To empathize with what wine shoppers go through, we open on Brenda, frustrated by the boring wines that her wine club offers:

It’s me, poor Brenda, and my wine club send-a
More of the same kind-a, so uninspired-a.
I love-a my vino, I named my dog Pinot.
Alas my innards, how they long
For new vineyards.



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