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Mat Zucker and his dog Nora in front of a hay truck for the Cidiot podcast
Mat Zucker and his dog Nora in front of a hay truck for the Cidiot podcast
Mat and Nora of the Cidiot podcast visiting the neighbors

With an early job writing radio ads, I became involved in podcasting during its very first wave. I always loved audio as a format—dialogue, structure, the theatre one could create with voice and sound design. As podcasting took off, I started to help companies such as Johnson & Johnson and CIT create podcasts for their brands—and then later launched two directly.

One of the two shows I currently host, Cidiot, was just announced as first place for Regional Podcast by readers of Chronogram arts magazine. It’s a wonderful honor…

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Brands marketing during Pride has come a long way from print ads indicating support for gay and lesbian employees. When I started in advertising in the 1990s, it took my breath away simply to see an ad in The Advocate from American Airlines recognizing that: one, gay employees exist; and two, that the company actually supported them with protections and benefits. We’ve come a long way, baby.

You can still sense across social media skepticism of corporate involvement, which puts additional pressure on companies to both be authentic in their support and to do so throughout the year, not merely…

Ignacio Oreamuno in Costa Rica. Photo: Troubardour Coffee

What happens when you let go to find out the person you are?

Ignacio Oreamuno was an international ad man, and for years, led the world-famous Art Directors Club as its executive director. That’s where I met him in 2012 when he surprised me with an offer to sponsor my video project interviewing global creative leaders about their careers.

After a successful 15-year career, Oreamuno quit executive life to travel light in a camper and explore a nomadic life before returning a few years later as an entrepreneur. He combined a passion for mixology with travel to build a roving…

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Part of the myth of the self-made professional is the idea you can do it on your own. Few of us would be where we are if it were not for those who helped us early in our career.

As part of the Rising careers podcast, Josh Boaz and I have been asking leaders in marketing, media, and innovation to thank someone from their professional past — a person who opened a door, gave a nudge, or provided him or her indelible advice that lasts to this day. The segment is called “Thank You Notes.”

From the 25+ interviews to…

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Many in marketing are now on Clubhouse, an audio app through which you can listen or participate in live conversations on thousands of subjects. Women in Podcasting. Creative Executive Officers. Social Media Marketing Secrets by Celebrity Coaches. Like any new platform finding its audience and earning its sea legs, it’s getting its share of applause, buzz, jokes, pans and fatigue.

A driver of Clubhouse’s novelty is its format (audio) and a component of its attraction is its exclusivity ( invitation-only, iPhone only). What is also fits into, however, is the boom of livestreaming.

Livestreaming is a thing-growing in its use…

Attracting people who learn when they can, and those with the inclination to give back to others

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash

If you track digital marketing trends, you probably have noticed the shift of velvet rope communities to online spaces, where specialists or people with common interests can network, share, learn, and, well, network.

Our own industry is no exception to this. I’m a member of at least two general marketing communities and then a handful of social media, content strategy, and creative professional groups. These communities have received an extra boost during the pandemic, especially as in-person conferences we used to fly off to and speak at have been canceled for the near future. In addition to longstanding groups such…

The Hindsight Career Project 2021

One of the most important skills I’ve learned on the back of developing ideas for products and services is learning how to actually sell them. To teams. To clients. To customers.

You’re asking for the audience to listen, to hear you, to take a leap based on the case you present. You’re asking for them to invest their time and often money in your story, your idea.

You might use facts. You might use emotion. You might use jazz hands.

Early on in my career as a creative assistant I learned from my creative directors how to stand up in…

Photo: Dezirae Bradley

How many of us dream of turning what we love to do into what we do? What might it look like? How would we market it? If the world changed around us, could we adapt?

On the hunt for role models at turning passions into businesses, I spoke to the three partners of sk.Artspace, a Brooklyn-based art incubator and curator service, whose primary focus is fostering relationships between artists and local businesses about how they have pulled it off-and what others can learn.

Jarryn Mercer, Melissa Sutherland and Symone Wong are best friends since undergrad at Southern Connecticut State University…

One neighborly trend I've noticed recently in good newsletters (like Jay Acunzo's) is recognition via shout-outs to others, which for me, builds a sense of knowing I'm not the only one reading it. And if I share something useful, it might be heard and even amplified by the author.

Hindsight Career Project, 2012

In the weeks leading up to publishing Bronze Seeks Silver, my career memoir about advertising, I was utterly focused on cover design, catching typos, marketing materials, building thank you lists, and, of course, the launch plan in October.

Post-launch, most of my time was spent on promotion, whether it was figuring out soliciting reviews, understanding keyword and title searches to do Amazon advertising, writing op-eds for industry blogs, appearing on podcasts, and speaking at school ad programs.

What I didn’t expect were the profound benefits from formally putting one’s professional story out into the public. …

Mat Zucker

Marketing + content leader. Partner at Prophet. host: Rising & Cidiot podcasts. Author of career guidebook and memoir: bronzeseekssilver.com

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