‘Buy Personal’ is my new ‘Buy Local’

Buy local has become a rallying cry, especially throughout the pandemic. Doing so supports businesses and people in your community and amplify the contribution to tax base that supports your county and town. As the holidays approach, I think about supporting people I…

Mat and Nora in the garden holding a sign about no people entering without pets
Mat and Nora learning to love the outside

“Cidiots” refers to a city slicker who moves to the country and acclimates through experience. The term is conventionally not a compliment, usually by used by country folk to describe city people who know nothing about rural life, living off the land, or where their food is from.

Grammatically, the…

This is not advice on writing a Linkedin profile or choosing a platform for your portfolio. With nearly 30 years across marketing in creative and strategy roles, what I can share is the strategic toolkit for how to market and present yourself.

There are eight components. While each may have…

A List of What to Listen To From Far and Wide

Mat Zucker and his dog Nora in front of a hay truck for the Cidiot podcast
Mat and Nora of the Cidiot podcast visiting the neighbors

With an early job writing radio ads, I became involved in podcasting during its very first wave. I always loved audio as a format—dialogue, structure, the theatre one could create with voice and sound design. …

Mat Zucker

Marketing + content leader. Partner at Prophet. host: Rising & Cidiot podcasts. Author of career guidebook and memoir: Bronze Seeks Silver. linktr.ee/matzucker

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